Terms and Conditions

I. General Policies

BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM is authorized by Vietnam Travel Group Co., Ltd., a company established and operated legally in Vietnam.

1. Purposes
- Allow the travelers to search for the tourism information in Vietnam (including tourist destinations, amusement areas, and attractions in Vietnam)
- Allow the travellers to book tours, hotels, flight tickets and extend their visa via this website.

2. Principles
- The regulations impose restrictions on people who surf and/or visit this website or are members of BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM. Anyone using BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM should be obliged to the regulations strictly.
- The terms and conditions in the Regulations appear to control the uses of all the services supplied by the company or available on BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM, including all websites inside BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM.
- By using the website, users agree to be under the term and conditions of the regulations, including the terms and conditions implied or included.
- All the contents of the regulations must comply with the current law of Vietnam. Users who surf and/or visit BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM should search for their own liability and obey the law and the contents of the regulations of BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM.

II. General Stipulations

Domain name: http://www.bookingyourtravel.com

- User: is the term refers to anyone who surfs and/or visits this website or is a member of BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM

- The company can amend the regulations in accordance with the condition and the law aw the current time, or to ensure that the website are operated smoothly and effectively.

- If the users continues to use the website and/or services on the website supplied by the company after the amendment document comes into effect, the users should automatically with that amendment document. On the condition that the user does not agree with the changes, he/she does not have the permission to use the website and/or services of the company any longer.

- The company uses Cookie on the website so that the users do not have to fill in the form with their information each time they visit the website.

- The user should activate Cookie in their computer so that all the functions on the website can work accurately. This is a default set-up for Internet Explore and Mozilla web-browsers. Please take a look at the Help Session of any browser to have more information on the activation of Cookie.

Cookie is a small data file stored in a hard disk of user’s computer when the user browses certain websites. Cookie files contain some certain information, such as the ID of a random user which the website automatically gives to that one to keep track of websites that he/she browses.

Cookie can only store the information supplied by the user. A Cookie file cannot read the data outside the hard disk of the user/s computer or read the Cookie created by other websites.

The Cookie files allow the users to use interactive programs more comprehensive. Cookie files themselves cannot be used to identify any user. Only the information which the users are willing to give is stored, but the information cannot recognize a person.

- Headings and captions are brought into the regulations just to facilitate the reference purpose and not to identify, limit, explain or describe under any circumstances in any extent or are of the articles above.
- When the company does not take any action toward the violation of the user or others, this does not mean that the company gives up the right to handle any violation after that or the same.
- If there is any provision of the regulations considered as invalid or cannot execute one, that provision will be eliminated but the others are still carried out..

III. Protection The Personal Information of The Ussers

The company commits to keep all the information of the user secret in accordance with the personal information protection policy of BOOKINYOURTRAVEL.COM and other rules of Vietnamese law.

- The collecting and using information of each customer are only be carried out when there is a permission of that customer, except when the law has different rules.
- Customers have a right to self-check, update, adjust or withhold their personal information or send an email to ask the company to conduct those tasks.
- All transaction information are keep in secret and do not transfer to any third party, except when there is a demand of the governmental authorities.
- The use has the right to send a complaining email to INFO@BOOKING YOURTRAVEL.COM if the personal information has been used in a wrong way or outside the defined area. When the that email reaches the company, the company should examine and reply soon to the user so that both of them can come to agreement to resolve the issue.

IV. Management of The Bad Information

- The users commit not to use services of BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM in any illegal purpose.
- In the event of defrauding activities, the company has a right to give the information to the governmental authorities to treat in accordance with the Vietnamese law.

V. Liability for technical fault occurrence

The company tries to supply the user with the best services. In the event that technical fault occurs, software or objective faults, the user cannot send his/her booking request, he/she should send an email to INFO@BOOKING YOURTRAVEL.COM.

VI. Right and obligation of the website administration board

1. Right of BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM Administration Board
- Administration Board has the right to check the information of subscribers, especially the information of used services.
- The company makes the reservations about the right of suspension of cancellation the services for the user immediately without the need to make a warning and/or an announcement if there is a violation towards any article and term of the regulations or Vietnamese law.
- To the extent permitted by law, the company excludes all warranties, conditions or other implied terms, whether implied by statute or otherwise, including but not limited to any article of skills, carefulness or timely implementation.
- The company reserves the right to use services, forms and contents on the website in accordance with the copyright law and the rules of law on protection the intellectual property in Vietnam. Illegal copying, using and spreading are prohibited.

2. Obligation and liability of BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM Administration Board
- Register the electronic commercial transaction area with the governmental authorities. Establish the regulations, provisions, guidelines of transaction process to the user.
- Store and update the users’ registration information.
- Apply the necessary method to ensure the safety of users’ information. Do not reveal, transfer, lease or sell this information when there is no permission of the parties relating.
- Positively support the governmental authorities to investigate illegal business activities, supply the documents such as registration information, history of transaction data…of the one having illegal activities.

VII. Intellectual Property Right

BOOKINGYOURTRAVEL.COM is a brand or registered one of the company.

All the contents, organization, arrangements, documents, materials, databases, graphics, designs, collections, photos, pictures, drawings, videos, audio recordings and other materials relating with the website are products under the Vietnamese law of protection intellectual property right.
Regardless the exceptions in the regulations, the users are prohibited to do any activities of the following ones without the permission of the company in paper.

- Modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, transfer, download, post, create derivative works, forgery and use the products listed on any other website, and
- Transfer and / or sell any information, software, lists of users, databases or other lists, collections, products or other services offered by or purchased from the Company or Website web including, but not limited to, text, graphics, logos, photographs, audio files and images Do not re-create any part of the products mentioned in any form or included in any information retrieval system, regardless electronic or machine, to reproduce, distribute, transfer, grant additional license, sell, prepare derivative works or other uses apart from the uses for users’ personal purpose. All photos posted on the website will be stamped watermark of the company. Do not remove watermark in any time. The company focuses on the violation the copyright and will not hesitate to perform actions including instituting a law suit with any person violating copyright. PLEASE NOTE that the violation will lead to civil and criminal penalties.

VIII. Application of The Article

- The regulations will be controlled and understood by the Vietnamese law, and complies with the non-exclusive judgment of the court in Vietnam.
- Any dispute arising between the Company and the user will be settled on the basis of negotiation. In case no agreement is reached as anticipated, one of the two parties may bring the case to the authorized People’s Court in Vietnam to resolve.
- The company has the right and the regulations can be changed at any time. If the members continue to use the service after the amended regulations are published and come into effect, it would mean that members have accepted the revised regulations.