Village of Nam Pan

Village of Nam Pan is situated to the south of Ywama village. The whole village is situated on the stilts over the water, which is a traditional way of building houses in Inle Lake. The Oldest pagoda in Inle Lake, Alodaw Pauk Pagoda, is situated in Nampan. This pagoda enshrines a gem-encrusted Shan style Buddha stupa. Nampan has a number of cheroot (traditional cigarette) factories and a few restaurants that serve delicious food at an affordable price. Golden Island Cottages (Nampan) is a famous resort in Nampan.

Nam Pan Village locates just before to Silk village. Making of cheroots, workshops of the boat carpenters are the interesting sites in that village. Besides, you will see the location and the style of the houses built on stilts as though we can call it Venice of the East.

Taking a boat trip to Nam Pan Village, you will catch the sights of floating gardens, stilt villages and impressive one-leg rowing Intha fisherman. For your interest, you can stop to learn how they catch the fish by their traditional method.