A southeastern province situated on the Bolaven Plateau is devoted to agriculture and nature offering idyllic scenery. A prehistoric site exists not far from the cascades where a wonderful scene can be seen.

Salavan province is home to the Phu Xieng Thong National Biodiversity Conservation Area, covering nearly 1,000 sq km in the western part of the province next to the Mekong river. It is thought that Asiatic black bear, banteng, clouded leopard, Douc langur, elephant, gibbon, guar, Siamese crocodile and tiger and inhabit this area. Within a cave huge stone caskets are piled one on top of the other, province not only beauty but interesting thoughts as to how it originated.


By Bus
From Vientiane:
From the Vientiane capital, there are two types of bus to Salavanh : two public buses and one VIP bus with toilet and air condition depart from southern bus station in Vientiane every day. It may take approximately about 11-12 hours to Salavanh.From Pakse:
From Pakse, public buses depart from bus station in Pakse. It may take approximately about 2 – 3 hours to Salavanh, you can rent moto, car, minibus from Pakse district or from Vientaine capital.

 WHERE TO VISITSalavanh district It is a capital, administrative, economic and cultural center of Salavanh province, It is located on the river bank Sedone. In the past Salavanh town was completely burned and destroyed during Indochina war in 1971 Nowadays the town has been rehabilitated and developed steadily under the well-design urban development plan. The remains of two french style building from the french colonial time still are found in Salavanh.

Souphanouvong bridge Over the Sedone river, the bridge was built in 1942. It was designed by Mr. Souphanouvong who became the first President of Lao PDR in 1975. It was destroyed by the American bombing in 1968. You can still see the huge broken bridge lying on the riverbank. From Salavanh town 25 km by north on the Route 23.

Tadlo tourism centre There are two waterfalls, it is located between Salavanh and Laongam district, it is far from ach other one km Tadhung waterfall is the high 5 m and wide about 40 m, the most easily accessible. The other 2 waterfalls are Tadlo waterfall is the high 4 m and wide 30 m, the most easiest accesible to there, they are very nice water fall, and nice for relaxing, there are many guest houses, retaurants and drinkshops you can should as you want for sleeping and relaxing, there are many activities such as eleplant riding around Tadlo centre, trekking with alocal guide, sun bathing ang swimming, you can travel to Tadlo by dialy bus from Pakse district for 2 hours and from Salavanh town 30 minutes or Don’t forget when you want to come by car or motor, you sould rent them from only Pakse district.

Tad Tevada waterfall Tad Tevada water fall is located in Hangpunoy village, Salavanh district, it is from Salavanh town 30 km (good road 14 km and after bad raod ), you can travrel from Salavan town to Pakse district and stop 14 km by No20 road, then turnletf at Soung village and continue to there, you sould go by car, motorcycle is easy accessible, it is a nice place for relaxing, picnic ( family & friend ), water fall is cover by forest and the quite cool, beuatiful water fall which around by mountainous.

Nongbua lake Nongbua lake is located in Nongbua village Salavanh district. It is far from Salavanh town about 14 km, in the part this village is very famouse about spirite and ghost, especially crocodile’s ghost, which villager believe them and it is lied close to the Sedone river, there are three crocodiles live in Nongbua lake, and some wildlife If you want to visit this place, you should rent a motorbike from Pakse district or go to them by foot, bicycle is comfortable so when you visit Nongbua lake you should respect and obey by Elder tell you.