Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach is a beach located 7 kilometres (4 mi) from the town of Thandwe (Sandoway), in Rakhine State, Western Myanmar. It is the most famous beach in Myanmar and is a popular tourist destination. Myanmar's political climate means that Ngapali is not as well publicized as other good beaches of Southeast Asia.

The beach stretches for 3 km (2 mi) and overlooks the Indian Ocean. The name "Ngapali", has no meaning in Burmese, but comes from the Italian "Napoli" (the city of Naples). You can reach by land or plane. Three local air lines (Air Mandalay, Air Bagan and Yangon Airways) provide air services to Thandwe about four miles from Ngapali beach. 16 hours-drive with air-con buses or normal express car.
An unspoilt, sleepy beach holiday destination situated in the Bay of Bengal, with its white sand and crystal clear water, Ngapali Beach awaits the world to discover. It is a place where time stands still, allowing you to simply "switch off" and recharge your batteries.

•    Nearby village
•    Enjoy the sun set at unique small islet named pleasant view islet(the only small islet in Ngapali beach)
•    Boat trip to Pearl island
•    Fishing village
•    Snorkel and relax under palm trees
•    Go out on an early mornings bicycle tour around the surrounding villages, morning markets or along the entire Ngapali beach, sampling the local way of life.
•    Visit to Black sand island called Zalat Htone Island
•    Clay Pottery works are done at Kinmaw village
•    Hand weaving works of Rakhine longyi are based in Thandwe


Ngapali is prime choice for beach lovers’ dream about; quite, white sand, the quiet rural surroundings, Rakhine ways of life, local fishing style, etc...


It's a beach - you can relax under a palm tree and go swimming occasionally. Water is very clear and the white sand on the beach won't disappoint either. The beach looks west, meaning that there will be not so much of sun in the morning but a beautiful sunset in the evening.

A common half-a-day trip offered by most resorts and shops along the main road includes fishing, snorkeling and a visit to a nearby island. Some places try to charge you up to 35,000 kyat, but when booked directly from the boat driver (or some of the restaurants) it is 20,000 kyat per boat.

There are two places on the main road for motorbike renting. Bicycles can be rented almost everywhere. The fisherman village of Lon Tha, a couple of kilometers south of the resorts, is worth seeing.

You will experience the exquisite sunsets at the end of the day in this paradise. Sunsets over the Bay of Bengal is invariably a time to appreciate and celebrate mother nature's gifts over a glass of cold beer, cocktail or whatever takes your fancy.


Try to buy coconut carving doll to encourage local people.