Like most of the better-known corners of Thailand, Krabi is all about spotless, dream-like stretches of beach. Krabi’s bay area is the focus of so many jealousy inducing photographs that you’ve probably seen pictures somewhere along the line: countless islands seeming to soar out of the crystal clear water, with exotic, unstable boats floating gently between them. 

At low tide you can even stroll between the bay’s 83 islands, or snorkel your way around eying up the shimmering shoals and flapping turtles beneath you. Nearby Ko Phi Phi is also a mammoth tourist destination, a little resort covered, but home to some of the most impressive beaches you’ll find anywhere in the world, including some ‘out on your own’ uninhabited islands that give you that Leonardo Di Caprio in ‘The Beach’ paradise feeling (without the insanity, hopefully).

 The Beach, Leonardo Di Caprio - Koh Pee Pee Thailand

Krabi is often described as a climber’s paradise with lots of rock climbers making there way to the area. Most of Krabi’s most enticing attractions revolve around the sea, varying from adventurous rock climbing over the sizable cliff drop offs to fishing, canoeing, scuba diving and beach sports. The town itself, though, has little to offer, acting as a rustic hub 1000kms to the south of Bangkok through which tourists transfer onto the beachside destinations, with the possible exception of some tumbling inland waterfalls. Much like Goa in India, the inland areas can safely be ignored in favour of the striking draw of the sea.

The Beach in Krabi 

If you really want to see the best of it all, grab a local ferry to somewhere more remote or head for the less popular (but equally attractive) mangroves instead of the coral-ground sands. If you’re here for the party, though, head for the Reggae Bar on Phi Phi Island, where every night goes on into the early hours on the beachfront, and the owners occasionally ship punters out to remote beaches for full moon style raves.

Reggae Bar

It’s certainly difficult to compete with the Krabi district in terms of stylish beachside life and underwater attractions, with plenty trekking so far south simply to wallow on the sands. Equally, the islands and beaches make the perfect final memory of Thailand before slipping across the border to Malaysia. 

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