VNT Group is one of the leading travel agencies in Vietnam, which specializes in organizing tours for the foreign visitors coming to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand. With the sustainable development from time to time accompanied by the best staff bringing their experience to work, we have received tremendous compliments from our customers. In order to hold this long-standing belief at present, we always try our best to investigate the market and be highly creative in organizing tours to make each of our tours the best. Coming to Vietnam Travel Group, the customers not only travel, do sightseeing, enjoy the superb cuisines but have a chance to learn more about the beauty, the culture, and custom of each region that they pass by.

In an effort to serve the customers better, we have created an online booking tour at It is our hope that the customers could enjoy the new experiences and our creativity in organizing tours. Booking Your Travel is where the customers can consult the service information quickly and also helps the customers to carry out a thorough search of the culture and travel destinations in Indochina.

Our customer

Our customers come from all parts of the world. Every day, we serve more than 500 customers with a variety of services, in which booking tours dominates with a largest portion of 50 per cent and booking airplane, coach, and train ticket makes up 20 per cent, while visa and other services account for 20 per cent and 5 per cent respectively.

Our product

In an attempt to meet all of our customer’s demands, we have conducted researches into the interests, travel styles as well as the psychology about travel of customers all over the world and produced the best products of our company. At present, we have more than 130 packages, organizing the tours to most of the attractions which are famous for their history, regional culture, and natural beauty not only in Vietnam but in Indochina.

We have carried out surveys with more than 1,000,000 customers from the beginning of our service by asking them a question “Why do you choose our service?”

Most of the customers give their reasons as below:

1. VNT Group is a long-aged travel agency in Vietnam, and has a valid license for their business in organizing tours.
2. Organizing tour properly in both time and destination
3. The staff serves in a professional and friendly way.
4. The price is much cheaper in comparison with that of other travel agencies.
5. Experiencing new things and feeling comfortable when travelling
6. Customer service is good.
7. Interpreters are good at communication, have thorough knowledge of culture, and know how to create happy and relaxed atmosphere.

And more than 80 percent of the customers said YES when they were asked if they would use our service again on the next time coming to Vietnam.

Our guidelines of business

1. We work hard to be the biggest travel agency in Vietnam
2. We claim that our products are the best quality with the reasonable price at each period of time. Our customer would receive the quality which is equal to the money they spend.
3. We consider customers the honor and reputation of our company.
4. The managing director board always innovate the working environment of the staff. Twice a year, they are coached and trained their skills for business to make sure that all the services are operated well.

Use our services and enjoy the distinct differences.